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We repair, train and record videos. Our experience and knowledge let us provide high-quality services. We have a holistic approach to motorcycles. We are constantly developing, so the offer is constantly expanding.

Service and motorcycle repairs

Prepping a motorcycle before a ride requires a professional and comprehensive approach. We will do a thorough check-up to make sure that the motorcycle is ready to ride. We service each vehicle individually, focusing on the problems you tell us about, and then checking all components. We have both original parts and replacements. We are experienced in almost all models of offroad motorcycles.

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Comprehensive engine repairs

What makes us stand out is the professional repair and overhaul of 4T and 2T engines. If you do not have time to travel to us, you can safely pack the engine and send it to us by courier. After dismantling and a thorough inspection, we send you a cost estimate and work plan. As soon as we finish the repair, we send the engine back to you, letting you know that the package has left the service.

Suspension service

If you care about driving comfort and safety – take care of the suspension! Leaking oil is a signal of more serious problems, so think about a comprehensive service in advance. We offer the highest quality tools and a wide range of parts and accessories for suspensions. We service and tune suspensions in cross and road motorcycles.


Regeneration and repair of motorcycle heads

The cylinder head is one of the most important elements of the motorcycle. We weld, plan, and replace sockets and guides. We can repair virtually any head. If you replace the valves and after the change, the head is leaky, we will correct the angles of the seats on the spot using specialized cutters. As one of the few in Poland, we have a MIRRA machine dedicated to socket processing

Replacing and centring connecting rods

At Lobo Moto we replace connecting rods. After choosing the right crank, we put the shaft on the device, thanks to which you get a perfect fit of the elements. We know how important the precision of this service is, which is why we use professional tools and measuring devices.

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Cylinder honing

Cylinder honing. Cylinder surface treatment to give a fine surface finish before installing a new piston. We use FLEX-HONE brushes for this.

Head planning

The head surface planning process is a very precise alignment of the surface. Thanks to this, we get a perfectly smooth surface of our head. We work on the CARMEC machine.

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Measuring the elements

We use professional measuring devices. Before installing the parts, we check everything thoroughly. For example, you can send us a cylinder for measurement, and we will choose the right piston.

Riding training

The Lobo Moto team consists of competitors racing in the Polish Motocross and Cross Country Championships. Paweł “Kozi” Płochocki is a licensed PZM trainer, who runs training. If you want to improve your driving technique, try motocross or improve your results at competitions – contact Paweł. We also have a machine park, equipped with two small MRF motorbikes with a capacity of 50 and 125 cm, on which the youngest or novices can learn. Training is also a nice gift that you can give to a loved one.

Video production services

You probably already know the BMSvideo channel on YouTube. It is created by Tomek “Tomski” Cymerman, giving you knowledge about motorcycles. If you want to learn technical facts and know how to solve basic problems with motorcycles – visit the channel. Tomski can shoot a promotional video for you, an advertisement for a sponsor or a presentation for your company.


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